Friday 29th May 2020, 7.00pm
The Lawn at the Copper and Lumber Store Hotel, Nelson's Dockyard.

Fishing Dates: 

May 30th & 31st 2020

Closing Dates for Entries

No Entry fee will be accepted after 6pm on Friday 29th May 2020.

The official Entry Form Must Be fully Completed, Signed and Handed in with fees at Nelson's Dockyard. To Pre-register click on the "registration tab" on the right hand side column. Please bring the e-mail registration with you.



The Official Tournament Headquarters and Weighing in Station will be in Nelson's Dockyard. All Boats (Foreign & Local) must be at the port of Nelson's Dockyard NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 29th May AT 6PM. All boats will leave and return to Nelson's Dockyard for the tournament.

Tournament Times & Days



Bimini Start

Lines In

Lines Out

In by

Saturday 30th May





Sunday 31st May




6.00 pm


Any boat hooked up and reported fighting before 4:30pm on the first day, has until Midnight to return to port. 



Diesel and Gasoline will be available for both Local and Overseas Boat at Antigua Slipway, Nelsons Dockyard.

Opening hours as follow:

Thursday 28th & Friday 29th -      7:00am to 7:00pm

Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st -     4:30pm to 7:00pm

Monday 1st     -                              8:00am to 9:30am


Catch and Release

For releases points to be awarded, ALL billfish caught & released must be authenticated by Video ONLY. No photos will be accepted.

Videos should be of the RELEASE and can be presented to the ASF judges either via a digital camera or cell phone, and a member of the crew must have the correct Number Card issued by ASF Radio present & clearly visible in the video.

Videos must be submitted to the ASF Booth where the videos will be reviewed by the committee for inclusion in the final points allocations.


Disposing of Garbage at sea is a serious offence and grounds for disqualification. Please use the bags provided by the committee and follow their instructions for storage.


All fish except Marlin brought to the scales will be bought by the committee at weight less 15% X EC$5.00 per pound. Marlin will be bought at weight less 15% X EC$3:00 per pound.

Payments will be made by cheques or wire transfer (for overseas boat) upon request to Philip Shoul (268)726-4700 and after the Price Giving Ceremony which officially conclude the tournament.  The association will not assume responsability for any boats not collecting their payment cheque within the shelf life of the cheque (6 months). The uncollected money will be considered as a "Club Donation".

Fish Stall

Fish will be sold by the committee at their fish stall at EC$15.00 per pound for fish whole, cleaned and gutted; or sliced by the pound for EC$15.00.