Start 6am
Lines in 6.30am
Lines out 4.30pm
In by 6.30pm


Blue Marlin minium weight 500lbs
Blue Marlin release 500 points
Blue Marlin under 500lbs weighed deduction of 500 points
Blue Marlin over 500lbs one point per pound for weighed fish
White Marlin 200 points release only
Sail Fish 200 points release only
Spear Fish 200 points release only
All other Antigua and Barbuda Tournament rules apply.
The Antigua and Barbuda Marlin Classic is totally seperate from the Antigua and Barbuda Sport Fishing Tournament


Winner is most points and wins a trophy plus 80% of the entrance fees.
All remaining money goes to the Antigua and Barbuda Sport Fishing Association. In the event that no qualifying fish is landed or released with accepted video evidence, then in such case there will be no winning boat and no prize money will be paid and the enterence fees will be retained by the ABSFA.